ALL METAL – Lets you search for all different types of metal with auto ground balance and high sensitivity. It’s the best operation mode.

DISC – Discriminates what kind of metal is being detected. Volume – To adjust the volume level of speaker and headphone.


Earphone Jack – Lets you connect headphones (not supplied) to the detector.

View Meter and Pointer – The meter pointer swings to the right if metal is found.

Waterproof Search Coil – Lets you search for metal objects under shallow water. Note : The search coil is waterproof, but the control housing is not.

Adjustable Stem – Lets you adjust the detector’s length. Operates on two 9V alkaline batteries (not supplied).

Art No: GC1061
Name Metal Detector With LCD display
Description of goods Two operation modies: DISC, Notch
  LCD displays the type and depth of the target.
  Sensitivity > 20cm (for a US quarter)
  Three tones to indicate different types of metal.
  Target numeric indication
  DISC numeric indication
  Low battery indication.
  Variable S-rod shaft length and arm support handle for 
  convenient and comfortable use.
  10" waterproof search coil.
  Two 9V alkaline batteries required.
Gross Weight(kg) 2.1kg
Net Weight(kg) 1.3kg
Package Size  72.5x26.6x14.5cm

High sensitivity long range gold metal detector

SKU: GC1061