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With your metal detector, you can hunt for coins, relics, jewelry, gold, and silver just about

anywhere. The detector is versatile and easy to use.

The detector’s features include:

LCD Display---shows the probable type of metal with an arrow, the depth of the target,

DISC/NOTCH range, the level of SENS with segment, the operating mode, and low battery


Three Tone Audio Discrimination---sounds distinctive tones for different types of metal.

Notch---ignores junk metal and finds valuable items by setting the disc and notch range.

Super Slow Sweep Identification---with a very slow sweep of the search coil to discriminate

different types of metal.

Headphone Jack –--lets you connect headphones (not supplied) and operate without trouble.

Waterproof Search coil –--lets you use the detector even if you must put it under the water.

Note: Your metal detector requires two 9-volt alkaline batteries (not supplied)

GOLD Range

IRON FOIL---indicates that the target is probably iron or foil. Some oxidized iron might register

somewhere within the SILVER range.

5cent(NICKEL)---indicates that the target is probably 5centor a nickel.

PULL TAB---indicates that the target is probably a pull tab from an aluminum can. Some rough

gold items might register within PULL TAB category.

S-CAPS--- indicates that the target is probably a type of metal like bottle cap with whorl. Some

small gold items might register within this category.

1cent---indicates that the target might be a zinc penny or a copper coin. Some large gold items

might register within 1centcategory.


1cent25cent-indicates that the target is probably 25cent or 1cent. Some large aluminum coin might

register within 1cent25centcategory.


If the detector is set to the ALL METAL target mode, it sounds a single tone when it detects

any type of metal. If you set the detector to the DISC or NORTCH modes, the built in audio

identification system sounds a unique audio tone for each of three categories of metal. This

makes it easier to identify the metal being detected.

The detector sounds a low tone when it detects small gold, nail, bottle cap or nickels.

A medium tone for aluminum pull tabs, zinc or copper items. A high tone is for brass or silver



Headphone jack hobby metal detector with LCD display

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