This kind of metal detector is manufactured with advanced technology.
It has such good characteristics as accurate orientation, good discrimination ability, operation at Very Low Frequency (VLF), easy operation and so on. The metal detector is mainly used to detect and discriminate metal goods which are underground. It is widely used in such fields as safe-exam; ancient relic’s investigation, mine detection, industrial product exam and relics seek. It is a detecting instrument easy to operate and take.

1. BATTERY: TOTAL 3*9V 6F22, S006P OR EQU.B1: 2*9V/B2: 1*9V
2. CURRENT: B1≤30mA,B2≤35mA
3. VOLTAGE RANGE: B1: 12~24.5V,B2: 6~11.5V
5. DETECTION CAPABILITY: Depth 15cm,By using a US 25cent coin as a Test Coin with Discrimination set at minimum level
6. MAXIMUM DEPTH: Depth 140 cm,By using a 60*60*0.5cm Aluminum Plate as a Test Target
7. THREE AUDIO FREQUENCY: 400Hz±60Hz\700 Hz±105Hz\1500 Hz±225Hz
9. SIZE: 920-1210mm (L)*200mm (W)*185mm (H)
10. NET WEIGHT: 1.26kg
11. PACKING: 4 pieces per carton

Gold metal detector with advanced technology for gold

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